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We have some great new products in the pipeline including "Slot 01" Coffee table, "Rocker" Salt and Pepper duo and much more!

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about us

Envo design is a UK based product design, manufacturer and retail company.  We design all our products in house.  Our aim is to produce gifts, gadgets, homeware and furniture that are unique, aesthetic, innovative and also green as possible.  In today’s climate, design should be for a reason… purposeful and justifiable.  The products we produce aim to follow this belief, created for a need, resolving a problem and being unique from existing products on the market. Plus be aesthetically desirable.
Design process: Our designer Dan Brown works hard to produce new and fresh ideas, researching consumer needs and gaps in the market, with the hope that will be seen as the place to shop for unique and exclusive design solutions.
Production: The Production process is an important area we are looking into, it in its self influences the way we design a product.  Minimal and efficient manufacturing process’s reduce overall production time and result in saved energy.  Each stage of manufacturing process is taken into account to help reduce the products footprint.  Sustainable materials are used where possible,  a large percentage of manufacturing and materials are sourced within the UK,  (Each products manufacturing origin will be clearly stated).  It is not always viable or possible to manufacture parts in the UK, or source specific materials that may only be available in particular countries.  An example of this is cork, a renewable material that we find very desirable to use, but isn’t produced in the UK. 
We feel strongly about supporting local industries and will continue to do so.
Packaging: Our packaging is always kept to a minimum and we will always encourage our consumers to recycle it.  We hope that our products will speak for them selves and not need extravagant multi-colour packaging to express there qualities or benefits. Our packaging is made using recycled fibres and is fully recyclable.
Green statement: We feel a product does not have to be made of leaves to make a difference. Its actual production process and even packaging can make a big difference.  Not every product will be made of environmentally green materials or the process’s used to make them, but we will try our hardest overall to make a difference, If not to just create awareness.  There is a big throw away culture these’s days that is responsible for our huge consumer wastages, our hope is that our products will be held onto for many years and even passed down.  This creates a challenge for us to create designs that will last, remain fresh and reduce the need to be replaced, “A product shouldn’t just be for Christmas“.
We appreciate any feedback, whether that be good or bad.  Please don’t be afraid to contact us with your views.
Envo design team

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